We believe that part of the mission of every church is to seek the expansion of the kingdom of God through prayer and financial support. We believe that we have been called to support missions near and far. This calling encourages us to take the gospel message to our local neighbors and those around the world.


Carl & Becky Chaplain
Mission to the World  /  Riga, Lativia


Carl and Becky have been serving with MTW for 23 years. Since 2008, they have been serving on MTW’s Latvia–Lithuania team, working alongside the Reformed churches in those countries and the Baltic Reformed Theological Seminary. The Chaplins serve with Latvians and Lithuanians in ministries including marriage and parenting seminars, and Bible studies for teenagers, young adults, men, and women. They also sponsor the translation of books and articles into Latvian and Lithuanian for a website they host. Their blog site with ministry updates can be seen here. Carl and Becky have three grown children: Ellis married to Kristen, Rob married to Lucka, and Carolann.


Stephen & Berenice Rarig
Mission to the World  /  Perth, Australia


Stephen and Berenice (B) have been in Perth in cooperative agreement with the Westminster Presbyterian Church since 1990. Stephen’s main area of strategic focus since 2007 has been Church planting keying on the development of real world church planting apprenticeship under close mentoring. Currently they are planting a new church, “The Areopagus,” in the port city of Fremantle, which is the cultural engine of Western Australia. B’s focus is cross-cultural ministry in a Post-modern age, and communicating the Gospel through the medium of Fine Art. She is an accomplished artist with collections in Australia, Germany and the United States. They have four children: Nicolene, Damion, Adam, and Hanneka.